Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Part Four Build your Own PC

Although the motherboard we're using to build this PC has the video card on board, it also has a PCIE video slot included. This allows you to add a video card if the programs you intend to run require additional video power.

The board we're using has an AMD chipset. Some years back AMD partnered with ATI and has developed their video output around the ATI video chipsets. While I  have always liked and used nVIDIA video cards, ATI is equal if not better.

Once you've purchased all the components you're almost ready to assemble the computer. First find a place in you home with good lighting and is static free. Remove the case from the box. Removed the left side panel. Remove the bag of screws and untie the wires running from the power supply.

Next, unpack the motherboard. Remove it from the anti-static bag. Set the box on the table, place the motherboard on top of the box with the bag underneath. PLace the Manual thei the driver disk aside along with the SATA cables and the dust shield.

Open the processor and remove the CPU from its plastic case. Take care to handle it CPU by the corners. DO NOT touch the gold pins on the underside, these are easily bent. On one corner of your CPU, there is a gold colored triangle. This matches up with the with the triangle on the ZIF (Zero Insert Force) socket on the motherboard.

Remove the heatsink from its packaging. Remove the plastic protector from the bottom of the heatsink. DO NOT touch the heat paste on the heatsink. Place the heatsink squarely on top of the CPU. The heatsink is held in place by a clamp passing through the middle of the body. Line the hole in the clip on the plain side onto the plastic hold down then press the other side on and rotate the plastic tab until it locks the heat sink in place. Connect the plug on the motherboard. Check you manual for the proper plug. It is the only one with four (4) pins

Next comes the RAM. Look at the modules very carefully. Along the bottom of the of DDR3 modules are a series of gold contacts. There is a slot cut off center into the module. In the memory slots on the motherboard you will see a short and long side that corresponds to the RAM. Carefully press the RAM into the blue slot closet to the CPU. Press the second into the blue slot. Once the toggles on the side of the RAM slots snap into place you're ready to place the mother board into the case.

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