Monday, December 10, 2012

Fired for doing the right thing

This is from my author Richard,
This is a presonal rant, I don't usually do this. If you're offended by this, ignore it. If you're not. respone as you see fit.

I hope you will click on the link below and read about the despicable act of Autozone

I went to the autozone website

And this the email I posted to them. 

I am Viet Nam veteran and a small business owner. I have been an Autozone customer for many years. I drive approx 300 mile per day to service my IT customers. I drive past an O’Riley auto parts store( Store Location in US.) to get to the Autozone Store (Store Location in US). I just read the story of the 22 yr old Air Force veteran you fired for using his LEGAL firearm to prevent the robbery of one of your stores. I wish to inform you that I will not longer use Auto Zone for parts. What you did is despicable, especially to an American veteran, a father-to-be and an honest man who took the time to contact so the facts of the incident were completely correct. I promise you I will email the link to friends and encourage others to do the same. You’re part of the problem with America. Prevention of crime is everyone's responsibility.

I any of you feel the way I do I hope you will also let the autozone management know your feelings. Please forward this on to your friends and contacts and let Autozone know I not the only one who thinks they're wrong. Crime prevention is everyone’s responsibility.

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